Video(s)Dance NameDateDifficultyMusic
Boom Banga Banga2018-05High Improver
Brinner I Bröstet2015-06Improver/Intermediate
Come Closer To Me2017-01Intermediate
Cut Them All2015-09Improver
Dancefloor Freaks2015-01Intermediate
Dancing With The Devil2015-08Intermediate
Death of Me2019-01High Intermediate
Die A Dreamer2019-07Intermediate
Do Your Dance2015-11Intermediate
Fall In Line2018-06Intermediate
Fire Away2016-03Intermediate
Focus On Me2015-12Improver
Good Enough2015-12Phrased Improver
Happy Kids2019-02Beginner
High With You2018-07Intermediate
I Am Free2015-03Improver
New! I Need Safety2019-10Advanced
I'm Faded2016-06Intermediate
I'm Faded Easy2016-06Beginner
I'm Worth It2016-04Intermediate/Advanced
It Will Be Okay2017-08Intermediate
Juicy Wiggle2015-06Phrased Intermediate/Advanced
Light You Up2017-04Intermediate
Love You Anymore2018-10Improver
Lovers Do2017-09Improver
Make Your Choice2018-09Intermediate
Mi Oh My2016-05High Improver
Must Be Tired2018-02Intermediate
No Money2016-07Improver
O Bella Ciao2018-10Advanced
Old School Love2017-05Intermediate
On My Sleeve2019-04High Intermediate
One More Night2012-12Phrased Intermediate
Ready To Go2017-03High Intermediate
Rising Rivers2017-03Improver
Snacket På Stan (Talk Of The Town)2016-11Intermediate
Somebody To You2015-08Improver
Someone You Loved2018-12Intermediate
Tattoo On Your Shoulder2016-10Improver
The DJ Got Us Dancing2015-01Improver
The Green Side2017-02Easy Intermediate
There Is No One Like Me2017-03Advanced
These Games2015-03High Improver
Triple L (Live Love Learn)2017-05Improver
Tyrolen2015-05High Beginner
Wake Up2015-10Intermediate
Western Trainwreck2016-06Improver
What Happened To Us?2018-08Improver
You Come First2018-10Intermediate
You Watch Me2015-10Improver